Room: 4-person private/mixed
Beds: 2 (bunk beds)
Include: bed linen, towels, water valve, locker, coat hanger, 2 chairs, floor mats; room with window
Service: common kitchen, shower and toilet

Price: 40,00 € / 24 h → INFO

Room: 3-person private/mixed
Beds: 3 (single beds) 
Include: bed linens, towels, coat hanger, closet; room without window 
Service: There is a separate toilet and shower /
Common kitchen

Price: 35,00 € / 24 h → INFO

Room: 2-person private/mixed 
Beds: 2 (single beds) 
Include: Bed linen, towels, shelf, coat hanger, bedside table; room with window 
Service: Common kitchen, shower and toilet 

Price: 30,00 € / 24 h → INFO

Room: 1 or 2-person private
Beds: 1 (one double bed)
Include: bed linen, towels, shelf closet, coat hanger, floor mat, bedside table, TV
Service: Separate shower / Common kitchen and toilet

Price: 25,00 € / 35,00 € / 24 h → INFO

In addition to the information

In Common kitchen - table, chairs, shelf, closet, fridge, microwave, tea, coffee. Washing machine available for customers who book a room for no less than three a days.

  • Hostel can not smoke and drink alcohol.
  • Sorry, but customers do not accept the animals on a daily basis, except if you are renting the whole hostel at least 48 hours, paying 120,00 € a day, to be agreed in advance.